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Huangying intelligent box production line

Author:admin   Time:2019-04-30

Dongguan Huangying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. independently developed a smart box production line. Huangying intelligent box production line is to put the feeding machine feeding table, positioning, heaven and earth cover angle machine, heaven and earth cover forming machine, and combine them into one piece of equipment to form a complete system, which saves time, labor and labor. Huangying intelligent box production line only needs two people to completely operate one piece of equipment. One person only needs to put plastic parts into it. After the machine starts running, the latter person only needs to check whether the finished product is qualified.


The feeder feeding table is a simple device. Its purpose is to realize the process of conveying paper. By using the feeding table of the paper feeding machine, the feeding speed is greatly increased, and it is not easy to break the paper, and it will not affect the normal operation of the machine. Running. The intelligent box production line developed by Huangying Automation does not need manual operation, and the device program is input by one button, and it runs independently and is safely produced. It has greatly prevented the occurrence of industrial accidents and saved labor. It is undoubtedly a big improvement in the days when labor costs are getting higher and higher.


Under normal circumstances, a special positioning device is also needed. The intelligent box production line positioning setting developed by Huangying Automatic Telephone Equipment Co., Ltd. is set by one button, and it is not necessary to install the positioning setting separately. Just have a person put the rubber embryo here.


The molding machine is also called the Tiandi cover forming machine on the market, which refers to the process of automatically opening the box, forming, and bending the bottom bottom. At the same time, the lower part of the tape is pasted, the cardboard box that is stacked into the cardboard is opened, and the bottom of the box is folded according to a certain procedure. The machine is controlled by PLC+ display, which is very convenient for operation. Finally, the finished product, and the entire process, a total of only two manual operations can be completed.