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Huangying carton forming machine multi-function customization, find out

Author:admin   Time:2019-04-30

At present, the widely used packaging cartons on the market mainly include heaven and earth boxes, book boxes and drawer boxes. The market demand for cigarette boxes and wine boxes is also very amazing.

Then each type of carton will be produced by the corresponding carton forming machine. Naturally, there will be a variety of carton forming machines, such as the world cover automatic forming machine, book box forming machine, hardcover book cover. Enclosure machine, drawer box forming machine, cigarette case carton forming machine, wine box carton forming machine, etc. Each carton forming machine has a big difference in craftsmanship, but it has nothing to do with the same functions, such as folding ears, hemming, folding into the bubble, etc. Of course, there are also single functions. Moreover, each type of carton forming machine also has a functional division. Perhaps one type of carton forming machine can only produce a corresponding type of carton. Currently, there is rarely one carton forming machine on the market that can realize a variety of carton cross types. Production means that the world box molding machine can only produce the world box, and can not produce the drawer box.

However, for many carton packers, the scope of business is not just a single product. Therefore, if there are more and more machines to be put into operation, there is a machine that can be used in one machine and multi-function. It is a big problem in front of many bosses.

Huangying intelligent mold-forming carton forming machine can realize folding, folding, folding molding and foam forming of the gift boxes of Tiandi Box, Book Box, Drawer Box, etc. It is a multi-functional customizable automatic folding box machine.