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Application of Die Cutting Machine in Tag Die Cutting

Author:admin   Time:2019-04-30

The die-cutting machine is widely used in the printing and packaging industry. It is the main force in the post-printing die-cutting, indentation and bronzing processing equipment. The die-cutting of the paper before the molding of the heaven-and-white box is an indispensable part.

There are a lot of names for die-cutting machines. In Guangdong, they are usually called beer machines. In Fujian and other areas, customers also call them "slot machines", as well as box machines and rolling boxes.

Huangying intelligent indentation die-cutting waste paper machine, in fact, from the name of this product, we can probably see the application range of this machine, in terms of function, in addition to die-cutting, it has its own indentation function. It is called indentation die-cutting machine; there is also a hot stamping function, which is called hot stamping die-cutting machine; some have automatic stripping function, which is called stripping die-cutting machine, so the scope of application is very wide.

The die-cutting process is a process commonly used in paper printing and high-grade business cards for printing and die-cutting. It is a die-cutting process that combines die-cutting knives according to different design patterns of product design requirements. Under the action of pressure, the die-cutting process is rolled. A molding process that cuts into a desired shape or cut. Similarly, the indentation process uses a crimping knife or a crimping die to press a line mark on the sheet by the action of pressure, or to bend and form the sheet at a predetermined position by a rolling reel. Generally, the die-cutting indentation process is a process in which a die-cutting cutter and a crimping cutter are combined in the same template, and a die-cutting and indentation processing is simultaneously performed on the die-cutting machine, which is simply referred to as die-cutting.

The market demand for apparel is surprisingly large, and the application of clothing tag is self-evident. Therefore, the application of die-cutting machine on clothing tag is more and more extensive, and the technology of die-cutting machine is constantly updated and developed from artificial semi-automatic. There has been considerable progress in intelligent automation.

Huangying automatic die-cutting machine can realize the functions of die cutting, die-cutting, die-cutting, die-cutting and die-cutting. It can also be equipped with die-cutting robot to realize multi-station synchronous operation, simplifying many complicated processes and realizing automation. Intelligent.